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quickmart gives me a strange feeling of comfort and nostalgia

I absolutely love the baphometkun sorta vibe the start of the game gives off its simply wonderful. Game in general was pretty neat and kinda odd

dude this is A MASTERPIECE! this is a very cool and mysterious game...

i've got some questions,

1. did you draw the sprites yourself? you have something where people can contact you (es. discord, twitter ecc..) there going to be another game in this style?

Hey! Thanks for playing!

1. It's a mixture of everything - some things were drawn, some things were just edited in using their original form - it was just Photoshop magic

2. I read the comments in here, I don't have a Discord, Twitter, etc. However, if you want to message me privately, write me an email

3. I'm hoping that I'll find some free time to continue working on a sequel, but the university and other activities have been eating up my whole schedule so I don't want to give out any ETAs.

Hi! I really want to play this game-
But it says this thing?
Does anyone know what this means?

Hey! Seems like some files failed to load. Try reloading the page

Hello! This is the first time a game developer noticed me!
Sorry for the trouble and Yes it did work, I refreshed it a few times.
It was probably my internet because of the rain so
Thank you! I enjoyed it and i cant wait for the full game :D

Short and sweet. Well, not sweet, but. You know.


is there an alt ending? or am I destined to eat the pepper and perish?


No alt ending yet!

Do you do youtube videos as your style reminds me of this youtuber who dose these stock,pixel,surreal horror like your game


I don't make Youtube videos. You might be talking about Baphometkun.

Ye i saw who you put in credits and i did a dumb :p


Please make a part two !!! I need it !

i HAVE to know what you used to make this!

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Code: JavaScript with Kaboom.js

Visuals: Photoshop

Audio: Audacity and OpenGameArt

You can find full game code here!


hii can u send the sound track u used hehe. i LOVED the music <3


Hey! I don't have the list atm D: but all soundtracks were taken from

They're the MVPs



So short sweet and exciting. 10/10

Loved the game, short, sweet, and straight to the point. The sense of mystery and suspense was really thrilling. Nice work!! 


Despite my insides burning from the pepper, I give this a 5/5 for the spiciness.


Hey sir, nice game! @ghostwolf
What you think about a translation to Portuguese?

I can see a lot of people are making Youtube videos playing your game, translate to other languages would be a good way to spread it even more!

I am Brazilian and I can translate it to Portuguese for free (just let me put it in my online portfolio as translator).

So, what you think?

If you interested email me at my page:


Hello AlmirPaulo!

Thank you very much for your interest into translating this game into Portuguese. It really means a lot :)

I'm writing this message publicly, because I want the other people to see the response too.

We're currently on a stage where we're completely redoing this game. This means:
- this Game Jam's version of the game will be replaced with the new one, so the old dialogues won't be used after the new release, though the old version of the game will be available somewhere else
- we're also working on an updated story, it doesn't have the final form yet and it's bound to change. for example, we've brainstormed some a new element that would radically change one part of the story this evening!

I'm planning to invite volunteers who would like to translate the game into their languages later on, when we'll have a working prototype that would be near the full version release! Make sure to check out the devlogs.

If you still want to translate the current version of the game, I've made a guide for this! Everything should be written down there.

If you have any more questions, ask them here in the comments or write me an email!

Again, thank you for your interest and have a wonderful day! :D



Thank you for the guide!
I just sent you an email with my Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Check it in your spam folder, emails with attachments tends to go there. 



This was really fun! I love the nostalgia vibe of it, and the design of the characters! Because of that it really added this whole other creepy vibe to it, and I enjoyed it a lot! 

im ded now

really nice game with very good aesthetics and an intriguing story !

( I made a greek gameplay of it , check it out if you want!)

The quote "he looks funny" made me laugh a bit

Very unique.. and amazing how  you did so much with basically pictures, music, and text. Looking forward to the full release.

Absolutely love this game! I must say, the pixels in the art gave off a slightly blurry effect, which I believe adds to the creepy atmosphere. For your first jam, this is an outstanding game!


so...confused. In a good way, I guess? 


It made me laugh. Eat that damn pepper!


so what happens if i dont buy milk

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you are not a true bone/r -Dani

Satan's Pepper Turkish gameplay

Şeytanın biberi türkçe 

That face the shadow makes after you eat the pepper is so incredibly unsettling.  Well done!

Very charming short horror game, really liked the soundtrack and story, come and check it out if you're interested 👇👇👇👇

this is such a cool little well made game! i loved it 

milk to the rescue?

Very good game, keep up the good creations :)

Very interesting aesthetic!


Great atmosphere! I like it <3 Thank you for making such a cool game!
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Hey! It's called "noise" (grain) texture! If you use Photoshop, you can go to filters gallery and use the noise filter.

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me when i eart mcdonalds sprite

That was an experience.

Great game! Love the surreal feeling!

Hottest pepper ever! Lol, I really liked this game and hope you can add more to it soon!



Very nice, esp. the pictures! Great game style!

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